WWE Teases Elias Character Is No More During Monday Night Raw

WWE aired a vignette where Elias threw his guitar in a fire and said WWE no longer stands for Walk With Elias. He said, “Elias is dead.”

During the last hour of Monday’s Raw, a vignette of Elias was shown where the Drifter and apparently former musician destroyed his guitar and claimed that “Elias is dead.”

A character who was among the more popular in the company when things were going well and he was fresh and new, creative seemed to miss an opportunity with Elias to really capitalize on how big a heel he was and how big a babyface character he could be. They chose to try and make his gimmick a parody of itself and team him with partners that didn’t necessarily accentuate his unique skills. His popularity faded and he became a bit of a mid-card jobber.

It appears WWE is going to try and reinvent the Elias character if the video shown during Raw is any indication.

It featured Elias standing over a bonfire he likely started himself and looked at his guitar. After a dramatic pause, he threw the guitar in the fire and said, “WWE used to stand for Walk With Elias.” He then added as he walked away, “Elias is dead.”

If WWE is going to change up his gimmick, it’s not clear which direction they’re going to go with the character. No indications were given in the video itself. The only hint was that the announcers for Raw acted shocked and asked out loud what it meant. That seems to hint that a storyline might present itself that Elias could explain why he’s going a different direction in the future.

Source: TheSportster