Daniel Bryan Has Signed A Contract With AEW, Partial Terms Of Deal Revealed [Report]

An exclusive report by Bodyslam.net confirms that Daniel Bryan is locked in and signed with AEW. What are the terms he asked for in his deal?

This past week, speculation was everywhere that Daniel Bryan was no longer negotiating a return to WWE. He’d been removed from all of their side projects and partners who work closely with WWE of merchandise like action figures and video games have been told he’s no longer a part of the company plans. But, did that mean he was destined to go to AEW? Apparently so.

A new report that surfaced on Wednesday notes that Bryan has, in fact, signed a deal to debut with AEW and as Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net reports, Bryan (aka Bryan Danielson) is “locked in” and has “100% signed a contract with AEW.”

A follow up report also notes that Danielson was wanting to work less dates for comparable money, which AEW has accepted. It also important he get to work in Japan, which AEW is supportive of. Finally, he wanted to have creative input on his character, and AEW didn’t mind granting him that request either.

If this report is accurate, this obviously huge news for AEW and a big loss for WWE. Bryan is a major name in the wrestling business. Not only that, he’s exactly the type of personality and mentor that will be a great fit for that locker room.

For fans wondering if this is going to be something that happens quickly, they’ll need to have a little patience. Plans are already in the works to make his debut special but tentative debut plans might be to have him to appear for the first time in AEW at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City on September 22.

The report suggested the CM Punk news and his negotiations with AEW may have altered the plans for Bryan, who AEW was originally thinking about bringing in after the All Out pay-per-view.

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