AJ Styles Says He Was “Dead Wrong” About His Original WWE Retirement Plans

AJ Styles spoke with Ryan Satin about a variety of topics, among them how he figured he’d have retired already. Why didn’t he and what’s next?

AJ Styles recently sat down with Ryan Satin of Fox Sports and during the Out of Character podcast, talked about still wresting at the age of 44. Admitting that he didn’t at all expect to still be going at this age, he talked about how we outlasted his retirement plans.

Styles acknowledged that he figured he’d be done as an active competitor a few years ago. He said, “I remember thinking, ‘I’ll be 40 years old when I retire. That’s when I’m gonna retire.’So I was dead wrong, by the way.” Whether it was the right opportunity or feeling better physically than he figured he would, he felt good enough to sign another contract with the WWE in 2019.

Styles said he’s publicly called this current contract his final contract and he didn’t say how long it was for, but mentioned WWE is the “perfect place for me to be.” While he didn’t come right out and say it, had it not been WWE and had he gone a different path than finally coming over, it sounds like Styles would have packed it in.

Styles also admitted that it’s hard to leave. As he gets closer to the end and knowing that his career is probably winding down, he’s started realizing that it will be hard to give it all up and walk away. He does know that there will come a time when he can’t do the things physically he wants to and that may be the final sign. “It’s a struggle some times,” Styles said.

He said he got a taste of how things have changed with COVID, but he didn’t like the feeling of not being part of the business with fans and the regular experience he’s come to know and love. That said, he’s not done yet and noted we’ll see where everything ends up after this current contract comes to an end.

Source: The Sportster