WWE Is Hoping To Land The Rock For Survivor Series

A new report claims WWE is hoping to recruit the services of The Rock for Survivor Series, but nothing is yet in place.

WWE is now only a little more than a month away from returning to the road. The first real indicator that wrestling life is about to return to normal. Other than WrestleMania this year, all of WWE’s shows since March of last year have been in empty buildings. Superstars have had to settle for performing in front of thousands of LED screens.

Needless to say, once fans are back in attendance WWE will want to give them as much as they possibly can. That might seem like a slightly contradictory thing to say considering the recent big names releases. However, there are rumors that Brock Lesnar and John Cena will be back soon, and even reports that WWE is tapping up The Rock for a long-overdue return.

That’s according to Dave Meltzer. Meltzer noted in the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE is currently working on getting The Rock back into the mix for Survivor Series this year, but hasn’t managed to lock him down just yet. Considering the projects The People’s Champ always seems to have on his slate, that’s not in the least bit surprising.

The last time The Rock appeared on WWE TV was for SmackDown’s debut on Fox. It could be argued that the July 16 edition of SmackDown, which will be WWE’s first show back in front of fans, will be a show on equal footing with that episode, if not slightly bigger considering what it will signify. It could be a little short notice for The Rock though, which is why November’s Survivor Series might be the earliest possible opportunity to get him in.

Survivor Series is also the last major WWE PPV before Royal Rumble, the show that is considered to be the start of the road to WrestleMania. With fans clamoring for a Rock versus Roman Reigns match at WrestleMania, Survivor Series could well be the place where WWE plants the very first seeds for that dream match.

Source: The Sportster

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