Shotzi Blackheart Confirms Injury

With Shotzi Blackheart off WWE NXT TV for several weeks, fans have wondered if she’s dealing with an injury.

On Tuesday night, Blackheart confirmed via Twitter that she’s injured.

During last week’s episode of NXT, Ember Moon, Blackheart’s tag team partner, called out NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez for viciously attacking Blackheart the previous week.

On the May 25 episode of NXT, Moon and Blackheart defeated Gonzalez and Dakota Kai in a tag team bout. After the match, Gonzalez power bombed Shotzi into the Plexiglas barrier, then the ring post, then the barrier again, all while Kai grounded Moon in the corner, forcing her to watch.

It’s likely that the beatdown was done to write Shotzi off WWE TV, as she recovers from her injury. Shotzi didn’t provide any details on the nature of her injury.

Source: Wrestling Inc.