NWA When Our Shadows Fall Results 6/6/2021

Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky are on the call tonight. The show opens with a highlight package of the scheduled matches in circus theme.

The End (Odinson and Parrow) vs. Sam Rudo and Sal Rinauro vs. Marshe Rockett and Slice Boogie vs. Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450

Winners: Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450

After the bell, The End confront Bestia and Mecha Wolf in the ring, but leave without getting physical.

Non-Title Grudge Match: There Must Be A Winner – NWA Television Champion The Pope vs. Tyrus

Winner: Tyrus

After the bell, Tyrus and Idol head to the back. Idol shouts, “Get that man a stretcher!” towards Pope, who does leave the ring on his own feet.

Thunder Rosa and Melina vs. Kylie Rae and Taryn Terrell

Winners: Kylie Ray and Taryn Terrell

After the bell Ray celebrates and heads to the back.

JTG vs. Fred Rosser

Winner: JTG

After the bell, JTG extends a hand to Rosser, who gets to his feet. JTG heads to the back, celebrating his NWA debut victory.

NWA World Tag Team Championship – Aron Stevens and JR Kratos (c) vs. War Kings (Jax Dane and Crimson) vs. NWA National Champion Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer

And Still: Aron Stevens and JR Kratos (c)

After the bell, Kratos shows respect to his partner. Commentary notes this is the first time in months Stevens and Kratos have shown cooperation.

NWA Women’s World Championship – Serena Deeb (c) vs. Kamille

And New: Kamille (c)

After the bell, Kamille celebrates with the title before heading to the back.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship – Nick Aldis (c) vs. Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch has control early on and rattles the champion. Aldis shoves the referee who is not pleased with his actions whatsoever. Aldis flees to the outside to catch his breath, but is still fighting a defensive battle when he gets back in the ring. After taking a lot of Murdoch’s offense, Aldis is able to resume control. Aldis begins toying with Murdoch, slapping him about and throwing him into the ropes.

Murdoch sees a glimmer of hope by responding with a massive clothesline. Aldis is tossed to the ropes once more and is shattered with another clothesline from the challenger. Murdoch ascends to the top rope and lands a bulldog from the skies. Commentary go wild as Murdoch goes for the cover, but Aldis escapes at 2. Aldis flees to the outside as Thom Latimer comes ringside. Latimer has a chair and distracts the referee. While this is going on, Aldis brings a chair in of his own and hits the referee with it. With no official present, Aldis strikes Murdoch with numerous chair shots, ascends the top rope, and lands an elbow from the skies to Murdoch’s back. Aldis goes up for another but Murdoch moves out of the way. Murdoch takes the chair for himself and strikes Aldis with the weapon. Aldis is now locked in a cloverleaf as the referee wakes up.

The referee makes his way back in the ring and calls for the bell. Murdoch celebrates, but the referee corrects the ring announcer. He says Aldis is the winner by disqualification, as he pieced the present chair and Murdoch on the offensive as a DQ by the challenger’s hands.

And Still: Nick Aldis (c) [by disqualification]