Braun Strowman Says A Blood Infection Has Kept Him Off TV

Braun Strowman has revealed details about the the blood infection which has kept him off WWE television over the last few weeks.

“The Monster Among Men” took to Instagram to provide his fans with an update on his well-being.

“I got really sick over the weekend and got an infection that got into my blood system and had to be put on antibiotics for that,” Strowman explained. “It was awful, I dropped like 15 pounds in five days. Couldn’t eat. It looks like 50 pounds of water weight, all my joints are swollen and inflamed. The antibiotics are working and I’m feeling better. We’re gonna get back to training and I’ll see you guys very soon,” he continued.

Braun had been off WWE television since November while he reportedly recovered from a knee injury. He returned to Raw shortly before the 2021 Royal Rumble. He entered the Royal Rumble math at number 30 but hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since.

Check out Braun’s health update below.