Kofi Kingston Injury Update

Kofi Kingston has provided an update on the jaw injury that caused him to miss this week’s edition of Raw.

The former WWE Champion was unable to accompany his tag partner Xavier Woods to the ring on Monday and he explained why in a recent Instagram Live video.

I gotta apologize, I feel like I’m talking out of the side of my mouth and I’m dealing with like a jaw injury right now and my mouth is only closing on one side,” Kofi revealed. “If I sound kind of funny, that’s why. Ordinarily, I do a lot of imitations and impersonations and impressions, but I’m not doing that right now,” he added. “I’m talking funny just trying to figure this situation out.”

The announce team on Raw referenced Kofi’s injury, but its level of severity has yet to addressed on air.

Kofi lost a couple of teeth during The New Day’s match with The Hurt Business at TLC last month.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet