WWE NXT Airs Mysterious Vignette For What Appears To Be A Former Champion

A mysterious vignette aired on WWE NXT Wednesday night for what appears to be a former champion.

The video began with night vision footage of someone walking through a backstage warehouse towards a glass case holding old versions of the NXT title belt inside.

“I’m not sure what happened.  I helped create something out of my own blood,” a distorted voice said over the footage. “Years and years of dedication, only to be taken over by paper champions. These NXT Championships have been in isolation for far too long. Now, I’ve come back to take what is mine.”

The person then breaks the glass case and grabs one of the belts before the video ends teasing the date of NXT TakeOver on October 4.

The only two former NXT champions who are still in the company, but not doing anything on television at the moment are Bo Dallas and Bobby Roode.

Watch the full teaser below.