Matt Riddle’s Lawyer Releases Statement Denying Sexual Assault Allegation

Matt Riddle’s lawyer has released a statement denying a sexual assault allegation made against the wrestler, claiming the woman in question has been stalking his family for years.

Riddle’s lawyer Daniel Rose put out a press release via social media stating:

The allegations by this independent female performer are completely false and another attempt to harass and humiliate Mr. and Mrs. Riddle and to try to tarnish their reputation in the community.

We have been aware for the last two years of this performer stalking the Riddle family.

In 2019, our firm had drafted a pleading against this performer to seek an injunction for cyberstalking in the Circuit Court for Orange County, Florida.

No word at this time on how the court situation played out.

The allegation against Riddle was made by Candy Cartwright. The wrestler claims she was choked by Riddle in 2018 while riding in the back of a car together and felt forced to perform oral sex on him.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet