Edge Reportedly Injured During WWE Backlash Re-Takes

WWE Hall of Famer Edge was reportedly injured while filming re-takes for the Backlash loss to Randy Orton.

As noted, Edge reportedly suffered a torn triceps in his right arm. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE filmed parts of the match multiple times, and Edge was hurt during the second tapings. There’s no word yet on exactly which spot caused the injury, but Edge was reportedly hurt during the second taping while they were going over re-takes.

WWE did everything they could to keep the injury, and the match result, quiet. The match was first filmed back on Sunday, June 7.

It’s likely that we will hear more on the injury now that the match has aired. A torn triceps usually requires around 8 months or so of recovery time, plus surgery, but there is no timetable for Edge’s return as of this writing.

Source: Wrestling Inc.