NXT Announcers Recording From Home To Limit Travel During Pandemic

Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix began recording their portion of NXT shows from home this week as an additional precautionary measure during the pandemic.

Sources confirms WWE’s production team put together a way for Ranallo and Phoenix to record from home in an effort to keep them as integral parts of the show on commentary while limiting the amount of travel they’d need to do for the time being.

We’re told this was able to be done with the NXT announcers because they appear on-screen less than the Raw and SmackDown commentary teams, which is why Tom Phillips joined them at the virtual announce desk from the taping.

The news of the duo recording from home was first reported on Wrestling Observer Radio.

WWE recently made the decision to adjust their filming schedule and pre-film shows in batches to increase the safety of everyone taking part in the tapings. This is also being done to help “flatten the curve” as much as possible while still producing shows.

During a recent conference call with WWE investors, it was additionally noted that there is extreme cleaning going on between each match and many medical precautionary measures being taken to ensure no one is entering the Performance Center sick during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WWE’s next round of tapings is set to begin on May 11.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

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