Matt Hardy Says “New And Omnipotent” Version Of His Character Is Days Away

Just days after a beatdown from Randy Orton on Raw, Matt Hardy has released a video thanking the WWE star for helping to complete his transformation. (The video was posted on YouTube on February 21.)

The video begins with Matt, as himself, talking about his attempt to confront Orton on Monday going wrong and how he had to go to a medical facility afterward.

“Now I’m home. And I’m speaking. And breathing. And I’m recuperating. But I am alive. I am truly un-killable,” he adds before something in him shifts and Hardy is briefly overtaken by the evil entity known as Abomination from his “Free the Delete”‘ series.

It’s worth noting the effect on Matt’s voice here is similar to what’s been used for AEW’s Exalted One.

As we previously reported, Hardy’s WWE contract expires on March 1.

In the video … Broken Matt resumes control of his vessel from Abomination and talks about how his transformation back would not have been complete without Randy’s violent “assassination” this week.

“We had to witness the burial of the Hardy Boyz version of Matt Hardy,” he explained. “But as I sit here, in my beloved chair of wheels, on the magical Hardy compound, YESSSS, we are now only a matter of days away from the rebirth, the reincarnation, the resurrection, YESSSS, of my essence. YESSSSSS! We are only a few days away from the second coming of the new and OMNIPOTENT version of Matt Hardy.”

Watch the full video below.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet