Matt Hardy Comments Following Randy

Matt Hardy took to Twitter today with cryptic comments following last night’s attack from Randy Orton on WWE RAW. It’s believed that this could be the angle to write Matt off WWE TV as his contract expires on March 1st, but the same thing was rumored after the attack by Orton last week.

WWE noted during RAW commentary that Matt had been taken to a local medical facility after the chair attack from Orton, while he was wearing a neck brace.

Matt wrote, “When tragedy FRACTURES you, SHATTERS you.. Pick up the pieces & recreate yourself into something GREATER. The #BROKEN pieces won’t be lost in limbo forever. NEVAH LOSE FAITH.”

With that tweet, Matt linked to a new “In Limbo” video, which you can see embedded below. That episode features Matt, in the brace, commenting on how he’s in a horrible slump and a terrible losing streak. He chokes and says maybe he was meant to be “Choken” Matt Hardy.

Matt made another tweet today that translates to the cycle of death and rebirth. “SAMSARA,” he wrote.

The other post-RAW tweet from Hardy links to the original “Free The Delete” episode.

He wrote, “Sitting in my #ChairOfWheels at the hospital & just realized I’ve seen this exact moment before in a PREMONITION. One ESSENCE must PERISH for a new ESSENCE to be RESURRECTED.”

Stay tuned for updates on Matt’s WWE future. You can see the latest “In Limbo” video and cryptic tweets below:

Source: Wrestling Inc.