The Rock Shares Footage Of Simone Johnson Wrestling At WWE Performance Center

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared a video on Sunday of a brief guest coaching session he did at the WWE Performance which shows the first in-ring footage of his daughter Simone.

The video begins with The Rock saying he had about 4-5 hours to visit the PC and see his daughter Simone Johnson train. Dwayne also says there’s only one place he’d trust his daughter learning to wrestle, and that’s with family aka The McMahons.

As we previously reported, the 18-year-old fourth generation wrestler recently signed with WWE.

In the footage, Simone is seen trading moves in the ring with Deonna Purrazzo as The Rock and most of NXT’s female roster watch on. He then asks to show them something and offers advice to his daughter in regards to what he had just seen.

Simone explains in an interview that is shown how it’s been great having her dad advise her and that he lets her find her own path, while also giving guidance when he can.

Dwayne Johnson is also shown taking questions from the PC trainees.

The video ends with The Rock and Simone preparing to lock up in the ring together, as well as Dwayne lifting her up for a vertical suplex.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet