Velveteen Dream Returns From Injury, Attacks Undisputed Era

The ominous tease showed on NXT last week was revealed to be for the return of Velveteen Dream last night, and he came back with a vengeance.

Last night’s show ended with Undisputed Era wrestling against Tommaso Ciampa, Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle to an apparent DQ finish.

Undisputed Era took advantage of the numbers game afterward and beat down their opponents. Adam Cole then grabbed a can of spray paint and tagged Ciampa’s back. As the show was ending, the tease for 2/5/20 hit the screen again and the camera panned back to show Velveteen Dream on the top rope. He then hit an axe handle smash on the group and went wild fighting them off.

Velveteen Dream continued his storyline with Roderick Strong, including wearing tights that said “Call me up Marina” and had Dream, Marina Shafir, and Strong and Shafir’s son airbrushed on them.

Dream has been out of action since October due to injury. He was written off TV with an attack angle in which Undisputed Era beat him down backstage.