NWA Hard Times Results 1/24/20

TV Championship Tournament Match: The Question Mark vs.  Trevor Murdoch –

Winner: Trevor Murdoch


TV Championship Tournament Match: Zicky Dice vs. Dan Maff –

Winner: Dan Maff


TV Championship Tournament Match: Ricky Starks vs. Matt Cross –

Winner: Ricky Starks


TV Championship Tournament Match: Tim Storm vs. Ken Anderson –

Ken Anderson has not been medically cleared to compete. Tim Storm advances to next round with a bye.


Stu Bennett announces that NWA’s next PPV, The Crockett Cup will be in April.


NWA World Tag Team Championship: Rock ‘N Roll Express (c) vs. The Wildcards vs. Eli Drake and James Storm –

Winners and new NWA World Tag Team Champions: Eli Drake and James Storm


NWA World Women’s Championship: Allysin Kay (c) vs. Thunder Rosa –

Winner and new NWA World Women’s Champion: Thunder Rosa


Galli welcomed Marty Scurll to the interview desk. Scurll began: “I’m here for the same reason I came at Into the Fire. I want my shot at the Ten Pounds of Gold. Nick…you keep walking away from me. You keep ducking me. You keep telling everyone that you’ve already beaten me. So what are you worried about? I’m not going to stop until you give me what I want…a shot at the NWA world heavyweight championship.” Scurll then says that for some reason tonight’s matchup with Flip Gordon is not a title match, then berates Aldis for not thinking about the business. “All these people spent their hard earned money to be here tonight, as well as many watching at home on PPV. These people deserve to see a title defense.” Aldis came out, and after the chants of “coward” die down…he spoke “I am flabbergasted at the audacity of what you just said. You come out here…you walk into the house that Nick Aldis built…and you start throwing your weight around like you’ve got the same stroke here as you do in Ring of Honor.” Aldis says that ROH was a hot ticket when he was headlining, and now the NWA is because of him. “I will put the world’s championship on the line tonight against Flip Gordon under one condition.” Aldis says that if Flip wins he is champ, but if he wins all of their future ROH business is on his terms. Also, Scurll has to leave the building. Security escorted Scurll out.


TV Championship Tournament Semi-Final #1: Dan Maff vs. Trevor Murdoch –

Winner: Trevor Murdoch


TV Championship Tournament Semi-Final #2: Tim Storm vs. Ricky Starks –

Winner: Ricky Starks


NWA National Championship: Aron Stevens (c) vs. Scott Steiner –

Scott Steiner wins by DQ – interference from Question Mark

After the match – Steiner lariats the Question Mark and puts him in the recliner. Stevens does not help, instead opting to leave the arena. Steiner, angrily, sends the referee flying. He poses for the crowd, who give him a warm ovation.


NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis (c) vs. Flip Gordon –

Winner: Nick Aldis


NWA TV Championship Tournament Finals: Trevor Murdoch vs. Ricky Starks –

Winner and NWA TV Champion: Ricky Starks