XFL Reveals Uniform And Helmet Designs For All Eight Teams

With only a few months until the relaunch of the XFL, it was time to find out what the players drafted would be wearing on the field. The XFL revealed the uniforms and helmet designs for all eight teams for the upcoming season.

The inspirations behind each team design were discussed by the XFL:

Guardians: This is the grey of concrete and steel, and sentries carved in stone; watchdogs over the metropolis. This is the red of fiery eyes and ferocious teeth, and the burning ambition of everyday heroes. This is the black of shielded streets standing guard, and a city that never sleeps.

Seattle Dragons: Emerging from the turbulent seas of the Puget Sound comes a team fashioned to inspire fear. Born beneath the murky skies, they are devils in deep blue, shrouded in the dark indigo mists of some ancient abyss. Their wings are covered in scales of green, like an emerald monster. Their flame-licked tails are the incandescent orange of a fire-breathing beast.

DC Defenders: Inspired by a tradition of service and sacrifice, this team stands tall on the shoulders of giants. Blazoned with the red of the DC flag and our Founding Fathers’ coat of arms: marching ever forward, a force united, with fiery resolve.

Houston Roughnecks: Forged from the fires of the oil fields comes a team that labors deep in the trenches. Resolute and rippling with heat, they toil in a red as fiery as a flaming flare stack. Theirs is the metallic chrome of power plants and pipelines, manufacturing and machinery, of mercenaries in the muck. It’s a blue so dark and deep, it shimmers and shines like Texas crude in the midday sun. These are the scratching, grinding, never-bending few.

Los Angeles Wildcats: This is a team made in LA, let loose from the canyons into the land of bright lights. This beast is unleashed far from the flash and fame, prowling the southland’s back alleys in search of its prey. Its coat is as black as the dead of night, with orange-hued highlights like the golden glow of a Pacific sunset. It leaves its mark with blood-red claws. This is a primal predator, ready to pounce. This is showtime with a snarl.

Dallas Renegades: Born from a rebel spirit and a Lone Star swagger comes a team that blew in like the dust off a Texas tornado. It’s as black as leather: badass, brazen, and bad-to-the-bone. It’s as blue as the North Texas sky: big, bold, and boundless; beyond limitation. It’s red-eyed and relentless, fiery and fearless, unconventional and untamed. It’s outlaws, outliers, and outsiders.

St. Louis Battlehawks: This is a team born and raised in St. Louis, ready for its maiden flight. Winged warriors, preparing to fight; they attack as one. With a streak of blue, and a flash of chrome; this is metal, muscle, and a mandate to win at all costs. Featuring a blade of iron and wings of blue steel, this is STL proud.

Tampa Bay Vipers: This is a team that slithered out of prehistoric Gulf Coast swamps, demons born in darkness. In the shadows they wait, sheathed in skins of dark green scales, with a venomous hiss, and a dangerous charm. Their flickering tails shine like a glimmer of green, swift and serpentine. Their grip is inescapable. Their bite, unavoidable. With hoods crowned by fangs of gold, they stalk their competition in cold blood, luring all who challenge them into the jaws of defeat.

The relaunched XFL season is expected to start in February of 2020, the weekend after the Super Bowl.