Humberto Carrillo Says He’s Feeling Blessed After Raw Debut

Humberto Carrillo made a big splash last night during his WWE RAW debut and afterward the wrestler said he’s feeling blessed.

In case you missed it, Carrillo was first interviewed backstage by Charly Caruso during the show and briefly mentioned Seth Rollins. This led to the Universal Champion challenging him to a match.

While Humberto eventually lost to Rollins, the match impressed fans and earned him the respect of Seth who shook the young wrestler’s hand afterward.

Carrillo reacted to all of this after the show while talking with Sarah Schreiber.

“I think I’m really blessed,” he explained. “I don’t mind if I lose the match. As you said, I win the respect of the champ and from all the crowd. And I’m representing Raw right now, from NXT to 205, and now on Raw … that’s great. That’s great. I’m really blessed and thankful with everybody.”

Watch the interview below.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet