AOP Returned To WWE RAW In A Vignette And Issued A Strong Warning To The WWE Tag Team Division (Video)

Last night’s WWE RAW featured a new vignette with The Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar, re-introducing themselves as they prepare to return to the storylines.

“My name is Rezar,” the promo began.

“My name is Akam,” he continued.

“Together we’re known as AOP, The Authors of Pain.”

“No one has seen us in a match since before WrestleMania.”

“There’s a very good reason for that. We haven’t had one match since before WrestleMania.”

“We’re fighters. We’ve been fighting our whole lives. We earn money by fighting.”

“That’s the problem. We come here to fight and everyone complains we’re hurting them in the ring.”

“Neither one of us could make a living in mixed martial arts because no one wanted to fight us and now we come to WWE and no one wants to fight us.”

“Every tag team in WWE is soft. None of you are men. None of you are hard enough to fight us.”

“None of you have the heart to fight us.”

“None of you have the manhood to step up to us.”

“This is a warning. You give us the opportunity we earned. Or we’ll take the opportunity we earned.”

“We are the future of the WWE tag team division.”

“And that future will be written in pain.”

AOP returned to live event action at a SmackDown show in early July, losing to the team of Ali and Matt Hardy. They had been away for several months while Akam recovered from a knee injury, but they returned to the ring at WWE Super ShowDown in June, to compete in the 50-Man Battle Royal. Rezar did work some WWE Main Event matches while Akam was out. It looks like AOP will no longer be working with 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick. It was reported in late August that WWE almost brought AOP back for a Tag Team Turmoil match, but it looks like they delayed the return for a slower build. There’s no word yet on when they will return to the RAW ring.

Source: Wrestling Inc.