Luke Harper Returns At WWE Clash Of Champions

Luke Harper made his long-awaited WWE return last night at Clash of Champions at the end of the No DQ match between Erick Rowan and Roman Reigns, helping Rowan get the win.

Reigns attempted to hit a massive spear on Rowan while running down the ramp, but it was stopped out of nowhere with a massive big boot by the returning Harper.

The former Bludgeon Brothers then brought Reigns into the ring and hit some tandem offense that included Harper’s signature clothesline. Rowan then hit the Iron Claw slam to pickup the win.

As you may recall, Luke Harper publicly opened up about being unhappy with his place in the company back in March. The next month he made it known that he had requested his release from WWE, but as time passed it was reported he was having trouble getting the request approved.