Mark Briscoe Dealing With Knee Injury, Out Of CMLL’s Grand Prix Tournament

Ring of Honor announced that Mark Briscoe will be out of tonight’s CMLL’s Grand Prix tournament because of a knee injury. The injury happened during an ROH live event last weekend.

Delirious will be replacing Briscoe on Team Resto del Mundo. The other team members include ROH World Champion Matt Taven, Jay Briscoe, Kenny King, Big Daddy, Luke Hawx, Mecha Wolf 450, and Oraculo.

During CMLL’s Grand Prix press conference, Jay Briscoe commented about his brother’s injury, “It sucks that he’s hurt. We do double-team moves like no other tag team in this world, so that was definitely going to be a blow to the Mexican team, but it ain’t going to matter. We still gonna win.”

Mark Briscoe is scheduled to undergo an MRI exam.

Source: Wrestling Inc.