MLW Hires Tom Prichard, MLW Partners With The Crash

MLW hired Dr. Tom Prichard as a senior agent within the wrestling operations division of the league. The former WWE star will join MLW starting in Dallas on September 7 at the MLW WAR CHAMBER event. Prichard will work as a coach and coordinator as some of his many duties for the league. Prichard played a key role in developing the likes of future legends like The Rock, Edge, Kurt Angle and many other of today’s stars. For several years, Prichard was a senior trainer for WWE’s developmental system.

Tom is brother to Bruce Prichard.

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MLW also announced this week that they have formed a strategic partnership with The Crash Lucha Libre promotion, which is based out of Tijuana, Baja California in Mexico.

“This deal represents the dawn of a new era for lucha as the fastest growing promotion in Mexico teams with MLW to take lucha libre to America and beyond,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “The opportunities are endless and include a talent exchange, content collaboration and some interesting projects you’ll learn about soon.”

“The Crash Lucha Libre extends its thanks to MLW for entering into this partnership,” said The Crash President Ignacio De La O. “With the main objective of promoting and preserving culture in sports, as well as promoting new values, this alliance certainty gives fans a lot to savor. With effort, dedication and teamwork we will get a favorable result, MLW and The Crash working hand in hand.”

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Source: Wrestling Inc.

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