Bray Wyatt Makes Big Return On WWE RAW (Video)

Bray Wyatt has finally returned to RAW after months of WWE airing his “Firefly Funhouse” segments on WWE TV.

Wyatt made his return to RAW on tonight’s show from Long Island following Samoa Joe’s win over Finn Balor. After the match, Joe attacked Balor but Balor fought him off and stood tall. That’s when the lights went out and music started playing in the arena. Wyatt appeared, wearing “The Fiend” mask that he debuted a few months back, and dropped Balor with Sister Abigail in the middle of the ring.

The segment ended with Wyatt laughing across the arena as RAW went to commercial.

It looks like Wyatt vs. Balor will be one of the matches for the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Wyatt took to Twitter after the show and made two comments. The first said, “Worth the hurt, worth the healing”

Wyatt then wrote, “I’ll forgive you, when it’s done brother. The sickness is gone. We owe them. And Yowie Wowie is it gonna be a spectacle!!!”