ROH Best In The World Results 6/28/19

Flip Gordon vs. RUSH – Winner: RUSH

NWA Heavyweight champion Nick Aldis comes out to announce his replacement tag partner with his bout against the Briscoes after scheduled teammate, Colt Cabana, went down with injury. Cabana shows off his cane at the booth to indicate that he’s definitely not competing. Aldis gets on the mic and calls Cabana a professional, and that he knows he wouldn’t have missed a booking unless his injury was very serious. Aldis tells the Baltimore crowd that he almost considered canceling the match, but he didn’t want to dot that because this is NWA territory. He then goes to introduce his partner…and NWA’s newest roster member…lights go out…James Storm is here.

James Storm walks out with his own mic. He says that he’s not Aldis’ partner, and demands to know who it is. Aldis responds…”why don’t I just let him tell you.”

IT’S ELI DRAKE. Crowd erupts. Storm can’t believe it! Drake claims that there are a lot of superstars backstage that thinks they are the best…until he arrived. He talks about all the company prospects he had since leaving his former employer, and reveals that he joined ROH because it is the past, present, and future of professional wrestling. “You are looking at the newest acquisition of the NWA.” Drake promises that NWA, ROH, and the Briscoes are going to understand exactly what he is capable of tonight. Drake drops the mic to end the segment.

Dalton Castle vs. Dragon Lee – Winner: Dalton Castle

The Allure (Mandy Leon & Angelina Love/with Velvet Sky) vs. Kelly Klein & Jenny Rose – Winners:
The Allure

As soon as the bell rings the lights go out. Strange video plays on the titantron. Lights up…it’s Maria Manic! The Allure can’t believe it! They escape before things get physical. Security tries to restrain Manic…she handles them with ease. Torture rack to one guard…she picks up the other in a razor’s edge and tosses him onto the lot at ringside! Manic rips off her shirt revealing the a new tattoo that says “MANEATER.” She poses to end the segment.

Best of Three Series – Match 3 (seires tied 1-1): Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King – Winner: Kenny King

Pure Rules Match: Jonathan Gresham vs. Silas Young – Winner: Jonathan Gresham

The Briscoes vs. Nick Aldis & Eli Drake – Match is ruled a no-contest

James Storm jumps in and starts brawling with Eli Drake. The Briscoes team-up and attack Aldis. Cabana tries to jump in but Riccaboni stops him for health reasons. The Briscoes go to put Aldis through a table…Camille comes out and spears Mark. A bunch of security guards come out but the Briscoes battle them off. Instead of escaping…Aldis tries to fight Mark and Jay off…they put him through a table. Cabana is irate that he couldn’t help. Segment ends with the Briscoes celebrating with the fans.

As Aldis recovers…Marty Scurll runs out to help him up.

ROH World TV Championship: (C) Shane Taylor vs. Bandido – Winner: Shane Taylor

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team championship: (C) Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Brody King & PCO) vs. Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) & PJ Black – Winners: Villain Enterprises 

After Villain Enterprises leaves…the Solider of Savagery attack Lifeblood. Bandido runs out to help his stable mates…Bully Ray comes out of nowhere and nails Bandido. He goes to hit Bandido with a chair but Flip Gordon comes out to run Bully Ray off. Lifeblood hands Gordon a t-shirt, inviting him to the group. Scurll comes onto the titantron and says that Villain Enterprises also has a new member…and he’s going to introduce him now. It’s revealed to be Gordon, who superkicks Bandido then flees the ring. The rest of Villain Enterprises runs out…they beat Lifeblood down. Williams gets placed on a table…Gordon with a 450 crashes through the table!

ROH World Championship: (C) Matt Taven vs. Jeff Cobb – Winner: Matt Taven

Source: Wrestling Inc.

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