WWE NXT Superstars Get New Ring Names

Three more talents have received their new WWE NXT ring names.

Garza Jr. is now being called Angel Garza while ACH is now using the name Jordan Myles. Jonah Rock is now being called Bronson Reed.

ACH had been using his real name, Albert Hardie Jr., since debuting at NXT live events back in March. Garza and Rock had been using those same names since also debuting earlier this year at live events.

All three NXT Superstars have updated their social media accounts to show the new ring names. Garza’s new Twitter handle is @AngelGarzaWwe. Reed can now be found on Twitter at @bronsonreedwwe and Myles can still be found at @GoGoACH, but his name has changed.

Myles revealed on Twitter that he picked the new name. He explained the choice on Twitter and wrote the following in response to criticism from a fan: “I wasn’t chasing a dollar. I was chasing a dream. They didn’t pick this name I did. Michael Jordan is my hero. Myles because we have a African American Spider-Man. When you say them together it sounds like a heroic athlete to me. I’m a hold us down, but you gotta trust me”

Below are related tweets from Myles and Reed:

Source: Wrestling Inc.