WWE Reportedly Did AEW Mention On RAW To Make The Show Seem Edgier

WWE officials reportedly scripted Sami Zayn’s AEW mention into Monday’s RAW, according to a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The idea behind the name-drop was that it makes RAW edgy because someone said something they might not be allowed to say.

We noted before how the AEW mention was edited off the YouTube replay, but it was left on the USA Network website and app replay. The mention was also left in the Hulu replay, which is usually heavily edited.

While multiple sources are now reporting that the line was scripted, many if not most people within the company were told otherwise. It was previously reported that Vince McMahon “flipped out” backstage when Sami made the mention, and he did act like he was freaking out, according to the Observer. The Observer notes that since the buck stops with Vince in WWE, either his behavior was a miscommunication, which is what the Observer was told, or an attempt to “work the boys” backstage.

Source: Wrestling Inc.