Adam Page Not Wrestling At AEW Double Or Nothing? (Being The Elite Recap)

In the video above, Page informed the fans he would not be “allowed” to wrestle on this Saturday’s PPV.

“Hey guy, I’m checking in, because apparently it is my responsibility to tell you that due to recent events I will not be allowed to compete at Double or Nothing,” Page said. “I am sure that none of you are as disappointed or pissed off about the situation as I am. But I will still be at Starrcast on Friday, doing a meet & greet. And I’m sure that the entire show in itself will be great.”

A saddened Page then goes to flip off the camera as it cuts away.

Below are the rest of the highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Young Bucks are talking outside and David Arquette comes up to them. Nick is playing with a deck of cards and Arquette asks if he could have one, Nick says no and they’re all booked up. Arquette asks if they know who he is and The Young Bucks don’t recognize him at first, but then Matt realizes he was a former WCW Champion. Nick says they are still booked though, but he could come to the party: a superkick party. They double superkick Arquette who then tells the duo, “That was awesome, guys!” Johnny Impact is in the background and asks if Arquette wants some ice.

* MJF taunts Cody and Brandi’s dog, Pharaoh, and tries to give him some chocolate. Brandi catches MJF and wonders what he’s doing. MJF says he was just going to have a brownie, she tells him to eat it then, and he initially puts up a fight. He eats some and then spits it up, “I don’t like gluten.”

* Joey Ryan talks with Peter Avalon who doesn’t get why there are two Librarians. He’s worried they aren’t going to gel as a team, unlike Ryan and that blonde girl. Avalon says AEW just wants to send him home and pay him, but he doesn’t know what do to. Ryan says not to ask him, he doesn’t work in AEW.

* Brandon Cutler tells MJF the Bucks sent him so MJF could pick a card for the Casino Battle Royale. MJF taunts Cutler, makes fun of his wife’s designs for wrestling gear, and his kids. MJF goes to leave and Cutler stops him so he can just pick a card. MJF says he has an issue with Cutler thinking his mentors (Young Bucks) are better than his (Cody). An angered Cutler shoves MJF up against the wall, yells at him, and tells him to pick a card, MJF does so.

* BTE Mailbag: Frankie Kazarian is asked if he and Christopher Daniels are the voices for Arthur and Trevor. He says they get asked this a lot especially because they once had other alter-egos, Curry Man and Suicide. But says Arthur and Trevor are just jerks who have terrorized the roster. Kazarian says it kind of hurts that people think he and Daniel would do voices for those disgusting human beings. Matt Jackson is asked if Being the Elite will be around when AEW is on weekly television. He says that’s a tough question, he and Nick have talked about if it will be possible once things really get rolling with the company. Matt says he just doesn’t know right now.

* Kazarian and Daniels approach Pentagon Jr. and Fenix to say they will be watching their match against The Young Bucks. Daniels says maybe them and the Lucha Brothers can do it again one more time in AEW down the road. Both Pentagon and Fenix say “of course,” and the teams shake hands. They walk away, Pentagon asks Fenix who those guys were.

* Text to Matt Jackson asking if he’s going to really do his new move. Matt writes back, “Si.” We see clips of The Young Bucks vs. Pentagon Jr. / Fenix at PWG Battle of Los Angeles where things started between the two teams. Clips are shown of Matt and Nick getting attacked by the Lucha Brothers at an AEW Press Conference, the teams fighting at an AAW event, and The Young Bucks defeating them for the AAA World Tag Team Titles in Mexico. The match is being billed as “Who’s the best tag team in the world?”

Source: Wrestling Inc.

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