Firefly Fun House Director On Thought Process Behind WWE Vignettes, Compares Bray Wyatt To Will Smith

On his podcast, Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar, Wrestling Inc.’s Justin LaBar had a chance to speak with Jason Baker, who directed Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse videos that began airing earlier this week. Wyatt has only worked a handful of live events going back to last July, but WWE is obviously looking to gear him up for a return through these vignettes.

In regards to the Firefly Fun House segment, Baker ran down his involvement and the creation of the puppets.

“I directed the segments,” Baker said. “I helped create the puppets over at Tom Savini studios. Tom Savini, Pittsburgh legend. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to be Tom’s right-hand man for about 6 years. He’s the guy who got me introduced with WWE and allowed me to run with it. It’s been a really fun experience ever since.”

Baker said he wanted the presentation of Wyatt to be a monster hiding right out in the open, which he feels is scarier than any over-the-top style of monster.

“To me, personally, growing up before I got into special makeup effects I went to school for psychology,” Baker said. “All the monsters you see in real life, they look normal. If you looked at a picture of Ted Bundy and didn’t know that was Ted Bundy, you would probably think that looks like a nice guy. I mean John Wayne Gacy was a pillar of his community. True monsters hide right out in the open. They look just like you and me. To me, that’s more terrifying than any monster you can see on a film.”

Getting a chance to work with Wyatt, Baker was impressed with how involved and forward-thinking he was with the character, saying Bray’s level of thinking was on par with other big actors he’s worked with.

“Bray’s great, man,” Baker responded. “He’s intense. He’s always thinking. Then he’s thinking past what he’s thinking. What’s that old saying, ‘There’s a razor’s edge between genius and insanity’—that man walks that razor’s edge constantly. Very, very smart. Smarter than a lot of people give him credit for. Great to collaborate with. You think you’re going to throw an idea at him, he comes back with eight. You think you’re going to hit him up with a piece of trivia knowledge, he sees your trivia knowledge and raises you. He’s a unique, unique human being. Been an absolute pleasure and honor to collaborate with this gentlemen.

“Someone who puts such a thought process into his craft. I’ve had the opportunity to work on films with Russell Crowe, and Tom Cruise and Will Smith and bunch of others working here in Pittsburgh film industry. His mindset for his character development is on par with those guys. It’s a sight to see and something to behold. I was thoroughly impressed with how much dedication he brings to his art and craft.”

Baker also confirms the names of the puppets in the videos, talks props we’ve seen on WWE TV he helped make and more on Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar. Download the podcast anywhere you can or listen at

Source: Wrestling Inc.