Big Changes Coming To The WWE Network This Year

WWE has been working on the introduction of a new WWE Network launch that will take place later this year.

The new platform, which WWE partnered with the Endeavor streaming company on, was referred to as a “re-launch” of the Network at one point during today’s Q1 earnings call with WWE executives. WWE Co-President George Barrios noted that their team has been working on the new platform for over a year, and they are very excited for it to be released.

Barrios said the new platform will introduce new features that fans have been asking for, and they believe it will help with the growth of the Network. The new platform will develop over the next few years and they are excited about what it will grow into.

Barrios would not confirm which quarter the re-launch will happen in, but he did say it will take place in 2019.

WWE officials have been talking about introducing a tiered pricing version of the Network for a while now. It was noted earlier this year in the 2018 Q4 earnings call that they were “developing the next iteration” of the Network. There’s no word yet on details of the new platform or possible tiered plans, but WWE issued a survey in 2018 that gauged interest on a potential premium tier of the Network, which would offer “more content, features, and perks” for $15 per month.

Wrestling Inc. has details on the updated WWE Network subscriber countdown and breakdown at this link.

Source: Wrestling Inc.