War Raiders Debut On WWE RAW As “The Viking Experience”

NXT Tag Team Champions Hanson and Rowe, better known as War Raiders, were shock call-ups on last night’s Superstar Shake-Up edition of RAW, joining forces with The Revival to face off against Ricochet, Aleister Black, Zack Ryder, and Curt Hawkins in an eight-man tag.

They weren’t introduced under their NXT monickers: instead, Hanson and Rowe have been rebranded Erik and Ivar, The Viking Experience.

RAW’s commentators then tried to put the act over as “not a gimmick,” claiming that Ivar and Erik are literal vikings, thus cementing the move’s utter ridiculousness.

Is this the dumbest name change in WWE history?

Ditching “War Raiders” essentially means that the hugely over “war” chants are probably going away as well.

Regardless, The Viking Experience should be strong enough to survive the silliness. They’re a great tag team, having proved it again at TakeOver: New York.

Here’s hoping they compensate by ruling the RAW tag division.