AJ Styles Reveals When WrestleMania 35 Injury Happened, How Soon He Might Return

AJ Styles confirmed his injury on Wednesday while playing the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds video game on his Mixer account with fans.

We’ve noted how Styles suffered a hip injury during his WrestleMania 35 win over Randy Orton, one that forced him to miss Monday’s Axxess meet & greet appearance and then Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown Live. Styles confirmed that he was sent home because of the injury and to undergo x-rays on Wednesday. It was previously reported that the belief was Styles suffered the injury while doing the forearm from the ring to the floor, but he said he was injured while taking a superplex.

“When you take a suplex from about 15 feet in the air… You know, I think I hit my left side before my right, just a little bit, and that’s totally on me, totally my fault,” Styles said of the injury. “It kind of knocked my hips out of place and then everything else, all those muscles in your butt and your back, swell up and then those muscles press on your nerve endings, and next thing you know you can’t walk the next day.

“But, got x-rays [on Wednesday] and they were all positive, I didn’t break anything. So, as far as that looks, I should be good to go here soon.”

Styles said the injury came on the superplex that Orton hit towards the end of the match, right after a headbutt and right before a 2 count then uppercut by Orton. The x-rays indicated soft tissue damage and he’s already up and walking around, hoping to return to the ring next week.

There’s no word yet on if Styles will be at the Superstar Shakeup edition of RAW and SmackDown from Montreal next week, but we will keep you updated on his in-ring status.

Source: Wrestling Inc.