Some WrestleMania 35 Off Camera Notes

Wrestling Incstaff that was at WrestleMania 35 and provided some off camera notes about last night’s event.

After the nasty Ali / Luke Harper elimination spot in the Andre the Giant battle royal, trainers were checking out Ali for a long while.

Earlier in the night, there was a bright yellow light that was hitting fans in the face. There were chants of “Please turn the light off” during the AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton match:

Below is the reaction when the yellow lights were turned off:

WWE used their XFL “sky cam” tonight at WrestleMania. This may the first time they’ve used it for a WWE event.

Below is an overhead view from the press booth of the big suplex Miz gave Shane McMahon off of the top of the camera scaffolding.

Kofi Kingston defeating Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship got the biggest reaction on the show.

The press booth exploded when Kofi Kingston won the title, which hadn’t happened all night. There were a lot of WWE Hall of Famers and NXT talent in the press booth as well.

People seemed drained later in the show, and the reaction for the main event wasn’t what you’d expect. Some fans were even leaving during the main event because they were so tired.

The transportation was a real issue as people left the stadium. People were waiting in the rain with insanely long lines.