John Oliver Slams WWE On “Last Week Tonight” Over Mistreatment Of Wrestlers, WWE Responds

“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver blasted WWE on the latest episode of his show … and the full segment is now available.

The top story began with Oliver praising WWE for being awesome and a spectacle unlike any other. He then talked about wrestlers having a higher death rate at a younger age than other athletes, and called Vince McMahon an “asshole” for the way he treats his performers.

As an example of this, he played clips of wrestlers saying negative things about Vince.

The show’s host went on to detail how wrestlers in WWE are considered “independent contractors” and how this means they don’t get paid annual leave, retirement pensions or health insurance.  Oliver then pointed to why this shouldn’t be allowed by the IRS.

As you may recall, Oliver last put WWE on blast over their Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

The whole thing ended with John Oliver kinda-sorta telling viewers to make their voices heard at WrestleMania if they want some sort of change by chanting or making signs.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

Watch the full, twenty-three minute segment from “Last Week Tonight” at this link.

WWE released the following statement in response to John Oliver and his piece on WWE:

John Oliver is clearly a clever and humorous entertainer, however the subject matter covered in his WWE segment is no laughing matter.

Prior to airing, WWE responded to his producers refuting every point in his one-sided presentation. John Oliver simply ignored the facts.

The health and wellness of our performers is the single most important aspect of our business, and we have a comprehensive, longstanding Talent Wellness program.

We invite John Oliver to attend WrestleMania this Sunday to learn more about our company.