Vince McMahon Is Reportedly Upset With The Undertaker’s Starrcast Appearance

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As previously reported, The Undertaker signed a deal and is scheduled to appear at the Starrcast 2 wrestling convention in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 25. The convention falls on the same date as All Elite Wrestling’s Double Or Nothing event, and the two are affiliated with one another, but Starrcast is not considered to be an official AEW event.

The news about Taker appearing at Starrcast 2 was apparently a big deal to WWE CEO Vince McMahon and it did not go down well with him, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. He notes that McMahon is under the impression that Starrcast and All Elite Wrestling are directly related to one another, and he’s not happy with the developing situation.

Just days before it was officially announced, AEW announcer and the founder of Starrcast, Conrad Thompson, gave Wrestling Inc. a hint about Undertaker’s upcoming appearance at Starrcast.

“With [a few] exceptions, I got everybody I wanted,” Thompson said. “There will be a lot of star power at Starrcast 2. And I started with – hey, let me make a list of everybody that wasn’t available for the first one for whatever reason, and let me try to book those guys. I was successful in doing so. Hypothetically, if Undertaker were at Starrcast, that would be a pretty big deal, huh?”

In our conversation, Thompson also reiterated that AEW and Starrcast are separate.

“It was a thrill as a wrestling fan to be a part of something so historic [at the rally],” Thompson stated. “No, I don’t work there (AEW) and there’s lots of people saying, ‘Oh, Starrcast is an AEW event.’ No, we’re featuring a ton of AEW talent, but Starrcast is owned by me and it’s an independent thing. There will be a ton of wrestlers from other companies there. It’s the exact same as the first [Starrcast]. It’s sort of the official unofficial – if that makes any sense.”

Meltzer also mentioned that there are still no definite plans for The Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania, including any set special appearances. A large portion of the WrestleMania card is still in flux and has yet to be established. Even John Cena is reported as not having a determined opponent for this year’s “Show Of Shows”.

Starrcast II will be taking place in Las Vegas from May 23-26 and tickets are now available.

Source: Wrestling Inc