Alexa Bliss Allegedly Cleared To Return?

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Mark Henry revealed details today on a conversation he recently had with Alexa Bliss about her injury. Despite the scary specifics however, Henry claims she’s now been cleared.

The WWE Hall of Famer talked about the conversation Tuesday on SiriusXM’s Busted Open and explained how he sat with Bliss for about 15-20 minutes to discuss her condition.

Henry says Bliss told him the concussion she suffered was so bad she couldn’t remember where she was or what she was doing at times. Alexa then came back too soon after this happened and hit her head again … causing another concussion.

As we previously reported, WWE claimed Alexa’s first injury was arm related at the time. It’s clear that wasn’t the case though, as Mark says she suffered two head injuries but has now been cleared.

While we’ve been unable to confirm Alexa has been cleared, it’s worth noting she was at the Performance Center last week working in the ring with Mike Quackenbush.

Since Alexa has been away from the ring, she’s been put in charge of the women’s division on WWE TV.


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