Daniel Bryan Turns Heel, Wins WWE Championship

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In a surprise end to SmackDown Live this week, Daniel Bryan defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship and will go on to face Brock Lesnar on Sunday at Survivor Series.

SmackDown kicked off with Styles cutting a promo about Lesnar. He was then interrupted by Paul Heyman and later Daniel Bryan. The two wrestlers ended the segment brawling and shortly after a main event title match was confirmed on commentary.

The match took place later in the night and ended after Daniel seemingly turned heel by hitting Styles with a low blow while the ref was knocked out to help him get the win.

After the match was over, he continued his attack on Styles.

Because Daniel is champion, he’s now been confirmed for the champion vs. champion match against Brock Lesnar on Sunday at Survivor Series — similar to last year when Styles defeated Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship.