WWE To Bring Back Tough Enough Concept For New Series?

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We noted earlier in the week how WWE recently filed to trademark the Tough Enough name for merchandise use. It sounds like WWE could be planning a revival of the reality TV competition.

There has been an idea pitched that would see a new version of Tough Enough with the competitors being placed on the road with the WWE roster as they all travel together on a tour bus, according to PWInsider. The idea is that there would be weekly competitions with eliminations, leading up to one winner being crowned. That winner would earn a WWE contract. The new series would likely combine elements of Tough Enough, the Diva Search and the reality era of WWE NXT as the company looks for a new female Superstar. WWE has wanted to revive the Diva Search for a while now.

There’s no word yet on if WWE will go with the Tough Enough name or if they will use another name if they decide to produce a new reality competition series but we will keep you updated.

Source: WrestlingINC