Backstage News On Why WWE Turned Bobby Lashley Heel, Vince McMahon Feeds Lines To Lio Rush

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Regarding the angle on Monday’s WWE RAW with Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush, the idea for them was a heel turn.

WWE officials had just decided on the heel turn earlier that day, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There was a long discussion over whether Lashley would be better off as a heel or a babyface right now, especially with the roster losing another top heel in Kevin Owens, who is out of action with a knee injury. Owens is expected to be out of action for around 4 months if he needs just a minor operation but it could be 8 months if the surgery is major.

The decision was made at RAW to turn Lashley, with the idea that if he’s better off as a heel and if the roster needs heels, they should do the turn right away. The turn made even more sense as they needed Lashley to injure Owens to write him off TV anyway.

It’s interesting to note that Rush was plugged-in to the back with an ear piece on Monday night. Vince McMahon was in Rush’s ear and was personally feeding him lines to deliver during the match.

Source: WrestlingINC