Mick Foley Returns On RAW, Announces His Role For Hell In A Cell

Image result for Mick Foley announces he will be special referee for Strowman & Reigns Hell in a Cell match

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley made his return to WWE TV last night on RAW.

Foley interrupted Elias. Foley says he’s actually a big fan of Elias. He gave props to Elias for playing the guitar but knocked him as a lyricist. Elias brought up Foley being here to talk about the 20th anniversary of his legendary Hell In a Cell match. Elias says that was then and this is now. He says Foley is standing in the ring with Elias but he’s standing in the ring with a broken man. Elias knocked Foley some more and a Mr. Socko chant broke out. Foley talked about how he made a proposition to Stephanie McMahon to come to RAW tonight. He didn’t want to be the guy watching Hell In a Cell from home, he wanted to ring the bell or keep the time. Elias says Stephanie probably laughed in his face and Foley agrees. Foley reminded her about the match with The Undertaker when he was almost dead. He met Stephanie for the first time after that match. Foley revealed that he will be the special referee for Strowman vs. Reigns at Hell In a Cell, inside the Cell.

Foley did the “bang! bang!” gimmick and looked to leave but Elias talked some trash. Foley says Stephanie also allowed him to make one match tonight for old times sake. Foley brings out Elias opponent – Finn Balor.