Reby Hardy Says “Decision To Be Made” On Woken Matt’s In-Ring Future (VIDEO)

Reby Hardy revealed husband Matt Hardy’s WWE contract is up in March, and he’ll likely need to decide soon whether to keep wrestling or hang it up.

Hardy spoke with the Busted Open crew over the weekend about her husband’s current status. As you may have noticed, Matt tweeted a photo of himself working backstage at SummerSlam, which you can see above.

Reby called his current status a “transitional” period.

“He’s not really sure what he going to be doing,” she said. “His contract is up in March, which I’m not sure many people are aware of, but there’s sort of a decision to be made at this point as to whether or not he should continue his in-ring career or if he should pursue something different.”

Reby made it clear Matt isn’t upset about the pending transition, saying he’d be “totally up for it.”

“[He] would be excited to do [it], I feel like, so he’s kind of giving it a go right now backstage. He’s at Summerslam. He’s not on the card but he’s there, and we’re kind of going to see from here,” she added. “It’s really a transitional time right now.”

Last week, Hardy tweeted a goodbye message to former tag team partner Bray Wyatt. He’s also been pretty sentimental on social media posting pictures from throughout his career.

Watch Reby’s comments on Busted Open below:

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

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  1. I’d love to see him hang around on screen in a non wrestling role. Let him be the leaders of the Woken Universe. Chair shit some people from time to time, but no matches.

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