Hulk Hogan Teases “Biggest Day Ever” In NWO-Related Announcement (VIDEO)

Hulk Hogan is known for strange announcements via Twitter, but it appears there’s some legitimacy behind his latest social media statement.

On Sunday morning, the Hulkster tweeted October 27th would be the “biggest day ever” and that “history will be made again in the world of wrestling.” He added a “2 Sweet” and “Hollywood Hogan 4 Life” just for good measure.

This followed a similar announcement Saturday during an appearance at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland.

“All the brothers out here with the nWo shirts on, something really special is going to be going down,” Hogan told the crowd. “It’s getting crazy for life!”

The Hulkster then pushed folks to for more information. When you visit the site, there’s a countdown clock marking the days, hours, and minutes to October 27.

This coincides with videos Hogan has been posting where the screen temporarily morphs into the style used in old school nWo promos. The Wrestling Sheet Radio crew discussed their theories behind the teases on the latest episode of the show.

It’s worth noting Hogan was recently spotted alongside Scott Hall and Kevin Nash taping material in nWo gear. WWE owns the nWo trademark and still sells merchandise touting the black and white.

Watch Hogan’s full announcement below:

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet