Jim Ross Gives Injury Update On Latest Podcast, Says Situation Was ‘Inept’ And ‘Dangerous’

jim ross njpw injury injured g1 special inept dangerous update

Jim Ross spoke on his latest podcast about the injury he suffered at NJPW‘s G1 Special in San Francisco … calling the situation inept, dangerous and unnecessary.

The legendary announcer kicked off this week’s Jim Ross Report by thanking everyone who sent him well wishes. He then explained doctors say he has bruised ribs and a bruised lung on the left side … plus, his sternum is “out of whack.”

Doctors are also worried about Ross catching pneumonia because of the lung issues.

Due to the injuries, JR says he had to miss a Headlock on Hunger event and a Glenn Jacobsrally.

Juice Robinson talked about the unfortunate incident on the latest episode of X-Pac 1-2-360 and said the ring crew told he and Jay White that the guardrails would be interlocked during the show. That clearly didn’t happen, however, and the chaotic incident led to JR getting hurt.

While discussing the ring crew doing this, Ross said: “All I know is that the situation was inept, it was dangerous, and it was unnecessary.”

Josh Barnett joined Jim later in the episode to talk about the G1 Special and the incident was discussed in further detail. The two announcers talk about White/Robinson apologizing after the event and Josh says he lectured them during the exchange.

Barnett also explains why he stepped up to Jay White, which can be heard in the full episode at the link below.


Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet