Kane Hasn’t Ruled Out Wrestling As Mayor If Elected

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During an exclusive interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet, Kane — real name Glenn Jacobs — indicated he’s not done in a WWE ring … even if he’s an active mayor!

“I never rule anything out,” Jacobs said after chuckling over the idea of “Mayor Kane” competing. “I think it would be great to have a PPV here in Knoxville. We haven’t had one in forever. If there’s a PPV, it would be an honor for me to take part in that.”

We haven’t seen Jacobs in a WWE ring since Wrestlemania. He was originally scheduled to compete at the Greatest Royal Rumble — just four days before the GOP mayoral primary. Despite rumors to the contrary, Jacobs says the reason he was pulled from the card wasn’t political but rather a slight injury.

Just days later, he’d win his primary race by a mere 23 votes. Knox County leans red, which means he’s the clear front runner in August’s general election.

Yes, folks — that means The Big Red Machine will most likely be a mayor.

Jacobs says he’s developed his leadership style learning from those around his during his 21-year run as Kane. He specifically points to his storyline brother.

“The most important thing about leadership is to set an example. Undertaker — talk about learning how to be a professional,” Jacobs said. ” This guy is always there, always worked hard, took a lot of pride in what he does.”

Naturally, Jacobs also noted learning from Vince and Linda McMahon. He praised the couple for their vision, turning ideas and concepts into reality. Jacobs says transforming a family-run, regional business into a socially-accepted global empire gave him a platform to lead the county he loves.

At one point, society looked down on wrestling. His election proves that’s changing.

“I don’t think that the wrestling thing is what it once was,” Jacobs said. “We’ve had some people that have been so successful like Dwayne [Johnson] and John Cena doing all the stuff that he’s doing that perception is changing and rightfully so.”

Jacobs says many see his hall of fame career for what it is — two decades as an accomplished business man and ambassador for the WWE. Even so, he met some people along the campaign trail who looked at him as “just a wrestler.”  The 3-time world champ took great pride in the election results proving doubters wrong.

“That gives me a lot of satisfaction,” Jacobs said. “Hopefully, I’ve done my little bit to destroy that unfortunate stereotype.”

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet