AJ Lee Claims She Pushed Punk To Get Lump Checked Out, Surprised WWE Doc Wasn’t Concerned Sooner

aj lee cm punk trial interview testimony

AJ Mendez Brooks, who performed as AJ Lee, took the stand Monday and confirmed she pushed CM Punk to seek additional treatment over a discolored lump on his backside.

According to Wrestlezone — who had a reporter in attendance — both AJ and Punk were on the stand Monday morning beginning the fifth day of testimony in the libel trial pitting Punk and Colt Cabana against WWE doctor Chris Amann.

AJ noted the lump grew from a zit-sized spot to its largest at the 2014 Royal Rumble. She confirmed text communication about the lump and testified she sent Punk to a physician’s assistant that she believed to be a doctor.

On the stand, AJ told jurors she was surprised Amann didn’t see the lump as a problem sooner.

Before AJ was questioned … Punk was crossed examined by Amann’s lawyers about Friday’s testimony which included the lump, other health issues,and the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Punk said the physician’s assistant he saw definitely referred to the lump as staph but confirmed it was never diagnosed as such.

It’s interesting to note a text was also shown in court in which Punk told Mark Carrano, who is WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Relations, “take me off all shows, I’m sick and have bruised ribs and concussion symptoms.” Notes from Wrestlezone didn’t say when the text was sent.

At one point, Amman’s lawyers brought up the 2014 Rumble and asked if he stayed in the match in an effort to “blow WWE away” — despite being concussed — in an attempt to headline WrestleMania.  Punk simply responded, “I don’t know.”

On Friday, Punk took the stand and cried while recalling the events surrounding that same Rumble match. After composing himself, the UFC fighter told jurors he stands by the comments he made during the infamous podcast interview.

Dr. Amann is asking for $1 million in damages.

Both sides have rested and closing arguments begin today.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet