Jim Cornette On SmackDown Moving To FOX & RAW Staying With USA In A $2 Billion Deal

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Jim Cornette gives his thoughts on the new WWE TV deals for SmackDown & RAW for the fall of 2019. As reported, RAW is staying on USA Network on Monday nights and SmackDown will move to the FOX Network on Friday night.

Cornette wonders how USA got the RAW (A-Show) and FOX got SmackDown (B-Show) because FOX is bigger than USA. He says SmackDown will be the A-Show.

Cornette questions if SmackDown’s move to FOX will help create stars or pay big money for stars and if there is any need anymore for a big match to promote pay-per-views because of the WWE Network.

Cornette talks about WWE not really needing to sale tickets for the house shows and PPV’s because of all the guaranteed money.

Cornette talks about WWE stars not getting heath insurance and having to pay for their own rental cars.

You can listen to what Cornette has to say about WWE’s new TV deal for RAW and SmackDown at this link.