NJPW President Wants To ‘Trouble WWE’

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As noted, New Japan Pro Wrestling has hired a new President, Harold Meij. At 54 years old, Meij (Dutch) will be the first NJPW President who is not Japanese. Previously, he held the role of CEO for TOMY, a Japanese toy company, and has lived in Japan for over 30 years. Meij began with TOMY in 2014 and took the company from its biggest loss year to the most profitable ever in 2017. In an interview (translation by Chris Charlton), Meij is looking to expand the company globally and said in three years he wants NJPW to bring in about $90 million in sales. In regards to WWE, “Long term, I want us to trouble WWE. If you just look at our product you’ll see that’s not out of the question.”

Source: WrestlingINC