Charlotte Flair To Undergo Surgery After European Tour

Charlotte Flair

WWE star Charlotte Flair is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair a ruptured breast implant according to a new report by this week.

The belief is that Flair will undergo surgery shortly after the WWE European tour concludes, which officially kicked off this week in England and Germany.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the implant was ruptured before WrestleMania 34 but Flair didn’t want to miss the match with Asuka. WWE officials wanted her to work with Carmella at Backlash and then she wanted to work the European tour that kicked off this week because of what the tour pays.

Flair is looking to undergo the operation after the two-week tour so she doesn’t miss SummerSlam. The Observer adds that she will be out of action for a few weeks after the surgery. Flair is currently scheduled to compete in the women’s Money In the Bank ladder match on June 18th but they could shoot an angle to remove her from the match.

Flair has tried to keep the accident hidden and even had photographers shoot around it during a photo shoot for ESPN’s “The Body” issue.

Flair will also be forced to miss a scheduled appearance at the AEG Comic Con in Seattle shortly after the European tour as a result of the surgery as well.

The comic convention announced Carmella as Charlotte’s replacement and later deleted the tweet announcing she was missing the event due to surgery.

It’s clear she won’t be missing the tour as she tweeted out dates of all her appearances.

The story was also picked up by The Daily Star in the UK this week.

Flair, along with Ember Moon, have now qualified for the women’s “Money in the Bank” ladder match taking place in six weeks from Chicago. The surgery isn’t expected to keep her out of the ring long, nor is she expected to miss the PPV at this point.

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