Ronda Rousey Made An Appearance After Raw And Suplexed Dana Brooke (VIDEO)

ronda rousey after raw video suplex dana brooke

Ronda Rousey didn’t appear on WWE RAW but did appear after RAW in a segment with Dana Brooke.

Ronda entered the ring and was interrupted by Dana, who called Rousey a nobody that still had to start “at the back of the line.”

Brooke went on to say she couldn’t wait for Stephanie McMahon to make Ronda her property at WrestleMania 34 and told Ronda to get out of the ring.

However, Dana’s threat didn’t work and she was suplexed for her troubles (seen in video below).

As we previously reported, Ronda will appear at all Raw events leading up to WrestleMania — despite last week’s mishap — but it’s possible some appearances will be dark segments.