Jon Bravo Releases Hyped Steroid Video Featuring ZERO EVIDENCE On Roman Reigns

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A filmmaker named Jon Bravo claimed to have evidence connecting Roman Reigns to a jailed steroid distributor, but the video he hyped has been released and it featured none.

For those who don’t recall, Reigns was named by jailed steroiddistributor Richard Rodriguez as a former client in an interview he gave to filmmaker Jon Bravo about his Miami-based company Wellness Fitness Nutrition — which was raided by the DEA last year.

Roman denied the allegations not long after the interview got picked up by news outlets.

Bravo then began to promote that he had evidence on Roman Reigns’ purchases, as well as info on a former WWE legend who placed over 140,000 orders, and would release a video report.

He additionally implied other current WWE stars were clients.

However …  the video was published on Friday evening and included zero proof of any wrestlers, including Reigns, being tied to WFN. Even worse, the “former WWE legend” was just someone using the name Jesse Ventura and wasn’t the actual wrestler.

The video also ended with a weird tribute to Ultimate Warrior.

Not long after publishing his “report,” Bravo posted a message in the comments saying he will now take some “time away” from YouTube:

Yes there are spelling errors.. When you are rushed by 1000’s to make a video of this magnitude in this amount of time and work there will be errors.. I am human*******Also since no matter how many times or ways I say it but their IS EVIDENCE on Reigns but without some key texts to match the orders I WILL NOT DISCLOSE IT. ** Just wanted to tell everyone that I am going to be taking some time away from youtube to focus more on the WFN Film and other feature film opportunities that I have been given.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet